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So now your Lawn is Weed Free® but there's more...

GrassRoots offers Liquid Aeration!

GrassRoots Lawn Care Service

Once aerated, roots are able to spread out more and grow stronger which ultimately leads the turf to be more resilient to foot traffic and better able to handle longer periods of heat and drought.

By reducing soil compaction, aeration also reduces water runoff and thatch buildup. This service should be performed every spring.

Liquid Aeration for a Thick Healthy Lawn in Atlanta

Liquid Aeration creates microscopic holes deep in the soil that act as a sponge to absorb nutrients and retain water.

Liquid aeration is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn. GrassRoots provides liquid aeration to give your lawn every opportunity to grow healthy and strong.

Due to the soil’s characteristics, water, fertilizer and oxygen often have a difficult time reaching the turf’s roots to provide it with the essentials that it needs to grow and be healthy.


Core Aeration is Problematic

  • Only aerates 45% of the lawn
  • Leaves messy plugs all over the lawn
  • Risk of damaging sprinkler heads, electric dog fences, or anything under the surface
  • Time wasted preparing the lawn for core aeration including mowing and watering before the service
  • No long-lasting effects
  • Does not penetrate as deep into the soil as liquid aeration does

GrassRoots chooses Liquid Aeration

  • Provides 100% coverage
  • No messy plugs left all over the lawn
  • No risk of damaging sprinkler heads, dog fences, etc.
  • Saves homeowners time with little to no preparation needed
  • Long-lasting results
  • Creates microscopic holes deep in the soil that act as a sponge to absorb nutrients and retain water
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