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Lawn Care & Weed Control for Residents of Decatur

"Lawn Treatments that Work!"

GrassRoots Lawn Care Service Decatur Ga

Lawn Care: All-Inclusive Treatment Service

Did you know that many lawn care service plans from other companies cover only a fraction of the issues that harm household lawns? We include these services at no extra cost.

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Our Weed Free® Guarantee

We offer the most complete catalog of lawn treatments in the Decatur area at an affordable price. One of our greatest strengths is our weed killer service.

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Lawn Fertilizers & Pre-Emergents

Another critical aspect of Grassroots Tree and Turf Care is our lawn fertilizer service. We choose the best fertilizers and treatment program for your lawn.

Lawn Care Treatments and Weed Control Near Me

For lawn care treatments in Decatur, Georgia, local services offer comprehensive lawn care plans tailored to your lawn's needs. GrassRoots Turf Care provides an all-inclusive lawn treatment program, including weed control, fertilization, liquid aeration, tree and shrub care, and mosquito control. 

Grass Roots Turf program is designed to tackle a variety of lawn issues under one monthly plan, with the option for unlimited service calls between routine lawn care visits at no extra cost. Their lawn care company offers a Weed Free® Guarantee, ensuring effective treatment against a wide range of weeds and pests.

Grass Roots Turf local lawn care services include weed control applications, lawn aeration, and fertilizers for grass, emphasizing long-lasting, lawn treatments for a healthy and thriving yard. 

Soil amendment services will ensure your lawn receives the right balance of nutrients and care throughout the year.


Seasonal lawn fertilizing and yard applications in Decatur tailored to your lawn's specific nutrient needs. They also provide turf and grass weed management services, lawn fungus control, and professional lawn pest control.

Lawn care services near me in Decatur, offer a variety of services from weed control and fertilizing to lawn maintenance. These services offer a range of treatments and programs designed to address the unique conditions of your lawn in Decatur, Georgia. 

For lawn treatments in Decatur, Georgia, there are several local lawn care services and lawn treatments available. 

GrassRoots Turf, a well-regarded lawn care provider, offers a range of lawn treatment services including lawn fertilization, weed control, ornamental tree and shrub care, mosquito control, soil testing, and fungicide treatment. 

In Decatur, Georgia, lawn grass types that thrive include warm-season varieties like Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, and St. Augustine grasses. These species are well-suited to Georgia's climate, offering durability and adaptability to the regional weather conditions, including the hot summers and mild winters common in Decatur.

GrassRoots Turf in Decatur offers comprehensive lawn care and grass treatment services, including weed control applications, lawn aeration, tree and shrub care and fertilization, and mosquito control. 

GrassRoots Turf emphasize quality customer service and effective lawn care treatments eliminating weeds, with lawn care plans starting at just $28 a month.

Best lawn care services in Decatur from GrassRoots Turf. When choosing a lawn care provider, consider the specific needs of your lawn, the range of weed control services offered, and the company's 5-star reviews, service reputation, and customer feedback.

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Why Choose GrassRoots for your Lawn Treatment Service?

The Lawn Care Company You Can Rely On

We are family-owned and place an emphasis on building client relationships and creating a personalized approach to your property and lawn care.  

To make things convenient, we provide you with a monthly plan to address your lawn care needs. While other companies charge extra for extra services, GrassRoots Turf Care covers all of the bases for your lawn under one comprehensive lawn treatment program that stays at the same price.

GrassRoots Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program includes all of these services & more.

Not everyone deals with just one type of lawn issue for a short period of time. This can be very aggravating and time-consuming for the average homeowner. GrassRoots offers an all-inclusive lawn treatment plan that will address all of your lawn care concerns.

In fact, many of the treatments that are covered in our services are extra charges for our competitors.

You have the option to make unlimited service calls between the routine visits at no extra cost! Now you can have the peace of mind to know there is no need to hesitate picking up the phone for fear of hidden fees or additional charges.

To further aid in addressing your concerns, our technicians will also discuss future treatment options with you, giving you the satisfaction and comfort of knowing your lawn has a game plan going forward.

Our Weed Control Service Includes Our Weed Free® Guarantee


If you’re having trouble trying to kill those stubborn weeds in your yard, let our friendly experts come to the rescue! In fact, we are so confident in our work that we promise excellent weed control service to every customer.

We will determine the best approach for your specific grass type and use the best products and proven methods to eliminate your weed problems and make sure they stay away.

The Weed Free® guarantee is important because not all professional weed killer services can offer the same promise. Our technicians are qualified and equipped to handle a wide variety of weeds whenever they appear.



Crabgrass is treated using pre-emergents, stopping the seeds from even beginning to grow. The Weed Free® plan also works against dallisgrass and nutsedge that can make your lawn look frayed and uneven.

From invasive species like army worms that consume and destroy grass to fire ants that can harm any unsuspecting loved ones, the Weed Free® guarantee will eliminate weeds and pests in grass now and repel them if they try to come back later.

When it comes to pesky fungi like dollar spot or brown patch, which create discolored patches across your grass, our technicians can take care of them at no additional cost.


#1 Lawn Care Company in Decatur

and if that's not enough... the Decatur Lawn Care Program Includes Lawn Fertilizers

Our lawn care program includes both solid granular fertilizers and liquid fertilizers. There are notable differences between the two options.

Granular fertilizers help keep your usage to a minimum through slow acting formulas. Liquid turf fertilizers keep the application more even. We choose the best fertilizers for your lawn program and the seasons.

 After our technicians have seen your lawn and had a conversation with you, they’ll know just what to do.

So now your Lawn is Weed Free® but there's more...

check out these other Lawn Care services for Decatur Georgia

Decatur Lawn Care Add-ons: Liquid Aeration, Tree and Shrub Care, & Mosquito Control Services

Aside from our weed control and fertilizer treatment, we offer the critical service of liquid aeration. Our soil is famous for its thick red clay, but your grass doesn’t take well to this type of foundation. The compact nature of red clay keeps water and oxygen from easily reaching the roots, making it difficult to maintain during dry seasons.

All of the plants and trees that add to your yard are just as important. Thankfully, the Tree and Shrub program will keep them healthy and to keep you from struggling physically or financially to replace them.

And while our technicians knock out your lawn's pest problems, they will also check for mosquito infestations. We all know how bad mosquitos can get, particularly during warm and wet seasons that produce standing water.

With our mosquito control service program, our technicians will fully inspect your property for signs of infestation and work to keep your home clear of mosquitos for the entirety of the mosquito season.

Grass Roots Turf in Decatur offers lawn care near me and local grass treatment services, including weed control applications, lawn aeration, tree and shrub care and fertilization, and yard mosquito control. GrassRoots Turf emphasizes quality customer service and effective lawn care treatments, with lawn care plans starting at just $28 a month.

GrassRoots Turf of Decatur

If you live in Decatur, GA and you want the best in lawn treatment, weed control. and lawn care customer service look no further than our team at GrassRoots Turf.