Home & Lawn Maintenance To Dos for Spring

Lawn Maintenance for Spring

Home & Lawn Maintenance To Dos for Spring

Now that the time change has extended our daylight hours and everything outside is covered in pollen, it’s safe to declare that spring has sprung. Though you may have a few weeks before you’re back on a regular mowing schedule, there are some things you can do now to make the transition into the summer months much easier:

  • Be sure to get your mower blades sharpened. Sharp blades cut rather than tear the grass keeping it healthier and making it less susceptible to disease
  • Change the fluids and filters in your small equipment
  • Turn your irrigation system on and make sure it’s working properly
  • Check to be sure any hoses that you stored for the winter are in good condition
  • Prune overgrown shrubs that need to be resized
  • Schedule your core aeration for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns
  • Change your air conditioner filters
  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors
  • Check to make sure your grill is ready for those backyard barbecues coming up
  • Clean outdoor furniture and replace cushions if necessary
  • When the pollen is clear, pressure wash your home and driveway for a fresh look that will go along beautifully with your healthy, green lawn
    Though your mowing schedule is about to start back, the good news is it won’t be long before you’re enjoying yourself poolside, at the lake or grilling out on the deck too!

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