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Find out what owning your own GrassRoots Turf franchise is like from those with first-hand experience! Explore our franchisee testimonials below.

Core values are the strength of the brand. There’s 100% care and support for the franchisee, without question. Corporate returns calls in a timely way and reaches out proactively. Absolutely the best. It’s all in the control of the franchisee to make as much money as they want and grow as fast as they want. It’s a great investment opportunity, with more upside to come.

Pete Henrikson

The Carolinas

One of the reasons we chose GrassRoots was their Christian values and commitment to the highest possible customer service. The communication from corporate is consistent and timely. The training and support have been excellent. Someone is always willing and available to answer questions.

Kevin Dinkel

Baton Rouge

There are many actions done by the franchisor behind the scenes that contribute to my success. Some of these items I may not even be aware of, but I believe this is extremely helpful in my growth as a franchisee and business owner. Corporate leadership is very principled and leads by example with respect to the core aspects of business… Even when things don’t work out as expected, I have experienced that leadership addresses issues straight and expeditiously.

Bafana Moyo


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