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Photo of Josh Wise

Josh Wise, Chief Executive Officer

Josh Wise, at the age of 22, after working in the lawn care industry, felt it could be done better. In 2002 he set out to do just that and he started GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care, Inc. with his focus being on customer service. He was one of the first to implement a monthly billing program and GrassRoots is the only company recording all their treatments with body cameras. In 2019, Josh took his family-owned business to the next level, growing the company into a nationwide franchise. His goal was, and is, to change how people see the lawn care industry and provide clients with a sense of security in their choice of lawn care service. Josh is known for his fun personality and his care for people, and he enjoys traveling with his family.

Photo of Josh Wise

Sharon Wise, Chief Financial Officer

Sharon, mother of franchise founder Josh Wise, joined GrassRoots Turf in 2015 to assist part time. Her position quickly grew to full time as chief financial officer. She helped the company refine its business plan and operations, making it possible for Josh to franchise the company. For her part in helping the company spread its roots, Josh nominated his mother for the 2020 Atlanta Business Chronicle CFO of The Year Award. She was one of the top 3 finalist. She is also featured in the cover story of the February 2023 issue of Lawn & Landscapes magazine.

Photo of Josh Wise

Kelly McDonnell, Executive Assistant

Kelly, favorite cousin to founder Josh Wise and niece to CFO Sharon Wise, joined GrassRoots in 2017 for a temporary project. By February of 2018 it became apparent, that because of her love for the company and belief in Josh and the brand, she would be a part of GrassRoots’ bright future. She has held several positions at GrassRoots and it was decided that Executive Assistant covered them all! Her willing spirit and love for the company makes her a great fit in working with our franchise partners as they join the GrassRoots family.

Photo of Josh Wise

Chris McCrory, Franchise Field Coach

Chris has been in the lawncare industry for over 30 years. He has done everything from pushing a mower, was a sales rep for 11 years, moved to landscape designer and was a project landscape designer for 10 years. In his 9 years with GrassRoots he was landscape manager and then went on to be the manager for the spray division for 6 years. When GrassRoots began franchising in 2019, Chris was appointed as FFC, onboarding and overseeing operations for franchise owners. Chris’s favorite part of working at GrassRoots is the family atmosphere and being part of a bigger goal. He spends his free time mountain biking, watching football and motor sports, and wishing he was British.

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