Lawn care and Weed Control Services by GrassRoots Turf

GrassRoots Turf Shares Winter Lawn Care Tips

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Regular maintenance tasks can help keep your lawn in tip-top condition year-round. While your lawn may not require as much care in the winter as it does in other seasons, you don’t want to turn a blind eye completely.

Lawn care and Weed Control Services by GrassRoots Turf

Lawn care and Weed Control Services by GrassRoots Turf

To ensure your lawn is in good shape come springtime, lawn care experts in Georgia encourage homeowners to take the following steps:

Aerate and Fertilize

Just before your area welcomes the first frost of the year, it’s important to aerate your lawn. GrassRoots prefers liquid aeration which creates small microscopic holes into the ground to provide the soil with improved air circulation and improve your grass roots’ water and nutrient absorption. Proper aeration provides relief for any compaction that might have built up during the warmer months.

Aeration should then be followed by fertilization. Fertilizing your lawn provides the grass with the essential nutrients it needs in the colder months. The lawn taps into the nutrients it stored in winter to give it a head start in the spring, making it green, healthy, and beautiful.

Avoid Too Much Lawn Traffic

Excessive and frequent traffic on the lawn can weaken your grass and make it much more vulnerable to damage. As a rule of thumb, avoid walking on your lawn too much when your lawn is frosted, iced, or dormant. This will help lower the risk of scantiness or grass death in winter.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

There’s a good chance that leaves and other unwanted elements, such as furniture and debris, have piled up on your lawn in fall, which could deprive your lawn of breathing space before winter. Leaves that stay too long on the lawn and become too wet can encourage a spread of disease. If the leaves are not too large or wet, mulch them with a mower into smaller pieces to add nutrients to your lawn. If the leaves are too large or wet, rake them up and remove them.

Control Weeds

Weeding is the least maintenance task you want to worry about in winter. While weeds are rarely visible around this time of the year, they’re always around, and usually undetected by untrained eyes.

Winter weeds such as chickweed, henbit, and deadnettle germinate in late September and early October. Meanwhile, they often go unnoticed in the fall when their young seedlings are just being produced, only to spread everywhere in springtime.

Winter weeds flower in March but can start growing in February if temperatures are warm. Don’t wait until they bloom. Stop them dead in their developmental process with the right weed control products.

GrassRoots Turf uses various methods to control weeds on your lawn:

    • Pre-emergent solutions before winter weeds begin growing, targeting the seeds and root systems of perennials
    • Remove or treat any weeds already visible
    • Application of fertilizer to your lawn

Some activities for homeowners that help reduce weeds are:

    • Apply mulch to deprive weed seedlings of nutrients from the sun while providing a growth barrier
    • Avoid non-targeted or indiscriminate watering that could benefit weeds. Implement drip irrigation in lawn beds to route water directly into the grass.
    • Limit activities that tend to encourage seed spread such as digging and tilling

Once these preventative measures are implemented, make it a habit to inspect your garden to discover new weeds as early as possible. GrassRoots provides unlimited visits to re-treat your lawn as needed. Eliminating them before they fertilize prevents infestation in years to come.

Water When Necessary 

While winter lawn care watering may sound unpopular, there are times when doing so is essential to your grass’ health and survival. If your area is experiencing drought in winter, you should consider watering your lawn on a day that’s 40°F or above. This will ensure that your lawn doesn’t dry out, especially if it’s its first-ever winter. Also, make sure you keep your soil moist throughout winter.

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Winter Lawn Care Services for Everyone

As you can see, winter lawn care is a comprehensive undertaking that involves many activities. Getting an expert to handle the task goes a long way to keep your lawn in the best condition throughout the colder months.

If you need a professional lawn care service in Georgia, look no further than GrassRoots Turf.

Their lawn maintenance programs cover basic lawn services such as weed control, liquid aeration, and fertilizing, as well as address more complicated issues to keep your lawn in tip-top condition year-round. GrassRoots Turf has the most comprehensive lawn care program without extra fees.

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