GrassRoots Lawn Care and Charlotte Knights

GrassRoots Turf provides professional lawn care services for residents of Charlotte, NC. They are the official lawn care experts of the Charlotte Knight Baseball Team

GrassRoots Turf is the official lawn treatment service of the Charlotte Knights Baseball Team.

The grounds team at Truist stadium understands the value of great turf and proper maintenance for the players, so they leave it for GrassRoots Turf to handle. They certainly overdeliver, as shared in a tweet by the Charlotte Knights here.

Lawn Care Services by GrassRoots Turf

“Truist field is ranked as one of the best fields in minor league baseball. While my team maintains the field, we rely on GrassRoots Turf to maintain the rest of the park,” says Matt Parrot, director of field operations for the Charlotte Knights.

GrassRoots owner Pete Henrikson states, “We are proud to partner with the Knights to help keep this ballpark in great shape. We cover all the bases for the Charlotte Knights by providing weed control and fertilization services.”

GrassRoots Turf provides the best lawn care services in Charlotte and neighboring areas with their team of licensed and insured lawn care technicians that have extensive knowledge of lawns and optimal lawn care.

Professional Lawn Care Services Provided By GrassRoots Turf For The Charlotte Knights

All-Inclusive Treatment Plan

GrassRoots Turf has an all-inclusive lawn treatment plan that covers all the care and treatment lawns may need, just as they offer this service for the Charlotte Knights. They perform an assessment and create a comprehensive lawn treatment plan and resolve all your lawn issues at competitive prices. GrassRoots Turf provides proper year-round treatments to give you a lush green, healthy lawn just like the field of the Charlotte Knights.

Video Recorded Lawn Care

GrassRoots Turf utilizes body cams to record every lawn treatment in the Charlotte area. From start to finish, lawn care services are captured for peace of mind. Their technicians wear body cams to ensure lawns are treated effectively and with the best lawn care service ever.

Weed Control

At GrassRoots Turf, they offer a Weed Free® Guarantee. Their weed control service eradicates weeds from your lawn and ensures even growth of the grasses, preventing unhealthy competition for nutrients between your lawn grasses and weeds.

Liquid Aeration

Unlike traditional core aeration, liquid aeration provides 100% aerating coverage to your lawn without damaging your property. This one treatment offers outstanding results to encourage lawns growth and root development to sustain against intrusive weeds.

Why Should You Make GrassRoots Turf Your Official Lawn Care Provider?

GrassRoots Turf is a family-owned and operated lawn care company. They have a team of technicians who are experienced and committed to satisfying the needs of their customers through excellent service and delivery of optimal lawn care services.

They offer video-recorded treatments, unlimited free service calls and provide the best services, including an all-inclusive treatment plan for their residential customers. “We are committed to providing the same level of service and care to your lawn as we do for the Charlotte Knights.” Pete Henrikson, owner of GrassRoots in Charlotte, NC

If you want your lawn to be as lush as that of the Charlotte Knights, you should put a call through to GrassRoots Turf lawn care experts at +1 833-664-7277 or visit their website for more information.