GrassRoots Turf Recorded Weed Control

GrassRoots Turf offers professional and affordable lawn care and pest control services to residents of Georgia.

Video Recorded Lawn Care

Georgia is a beautiful state with relatively good weather that supports lawn growth year-round. Having well-trimmed shrubs and a meticulously manicured lawn can improve your property’s curb appeal and increase your home’s value if you plan to put it on sale.

However, caring for your lawn on your own can feel overwhelming, and you’re unlikely to get the best result unless you have prior experience in lawn management and care. Considering how a well-maintained outdoor space can impact the appearance of your entire landscape, it’s best to leave the lawn care job to a professional who has the experience and knowledge needed to do the job well.

GrassRoots Tree and Turf is a professional lawn care company specializing in weed control for lawns, mosquito control, liquid lawn aeration, and tree & shrub fertilizing.

Launched in 2002, the company has built a reputation as a reliable lawn care company serving residents across Georgia. Their knack for quality service delivery and uncompromised customer service has earned them the designation, The Best Service Company Ever!

The experts at GrassRoots Turf are well-equipped, skilled, and available to provide you with exceptional weed control service and lawn care results. The best part is, you enjoy dedicated service that’s tailored to your lawn care needs or pest control in your yard at very affordable prices, with no hidden or surprise charges.


Disrupting The Industry With Technology

At the heart of GrassRoots Turf's work ethics is customer satisfaction which is strengthened by the company’s commitment to innovation. GrassRoots Turf offers video-recorded treatments – the first and only provider to do so in the industry.

With a video-recorded treatment feature, you can easily review the video of your service online. The body camera system gives you the peace of mind that the job was done well the first time and every time.

The company understands the impact that a robust weed-free and pest-free lawn can have on your property and strives hard to create the very best environment for you and your family.

Their technicians work diligently to address your property’s individual needs and ensure complete satisfaction. GrassRoots Turf ensures that every customer receives high value for their hard-earned money invested in lawn care.


Quality Lawn Care Services At Affordable Prices


Weed Control

Weeding is probably one of the areas you have to regularly pay attention to if you want to keep a healthy, beautiful lawn. If you’re having trouble killing those stubborn weeds in your yards, you can contact GrassRoots for help. The company offers a weed-free guarantee to every customer.

Once contacted, the experts will come to inspect your garden and determine the best approach for your specific grass type and use the best products and proven methods to get rid of your weed problems.


Shrub Care

Your shrubs and trees are valuable features not only to your outdoor spaces but to your entire landscape. Keeping healthy, lush, and beautiful shrubs deliver numerous benefits, including increased property value and higher curb appeal.

GrassRoots’ Tree & Shrub program is designed to ensure that your trees and shrubs thrive year-round. This program features all-inclusive tree care services, including seasonal fertilization, insecticide, miticides, horticultural oils, and fungicides.


Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. GrassRoots provides liquid aeration to give your lawn every opportunity to grow healthy and strong. Liquid Aeration creates microscopic holes deep in the soil that act as a sponge to absorb nutrients and retain water. The solution bypasses every structural hindrance in the soil structure and speeds up the absorption of water, fertilizer, and oxygen for healthy shrubs.


Mosquito Control for your Backyard Spaces

In Georgia, mosquitoes are a common challenge for many residents, especially during summer. These bloodsucking pests are not only annoying and interfere with your outside fun, but they also present considerable health risks.

Mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus, the Zika Virus, and other diseases that cause fevers, flu-like symptoms, skin irritation, and infections. You can ensure you and your family are safe through the mosquito control service offered at GrassRoots Turf.

Nothing feels more thrilling and exciting than waking up to see your home surrounded by a beautiful lawn and a properly maintained garden. Contact GrassRoots Turf today for expert and affordable lawn care services in Georgia. You can reach them via their official website or call them at 833-66-GRASS.