GrassRoots Turf is available for weed control and lawn care services throughout Georgia.

Having a weed-free lawn will enhance the appearance of your lawn and, by extension, your property. However, no matter how much you try to prevent weeds from growing, they are inevitable. Allowing these pesky weeds to grow alongside your turfgrass can ruin your highly valuable and aesthetically appealing lawn.

If you notice any unwanted plants in your lawn, you can go out and remove them by hand, using a weed popper tool to uproot them, or consider spraying the weeds with herbicide specifically formulated to only eliminate weeds.

For lawns where weeds have spread out of hand, it’s best to hire a professional weed control service to provide expert weed control treatment. If you need quality weed control service in Georgia, contact GrassRoots Turf for your free quote.

GrassRoots Turf Atlanta

For almost 20 years, experts at GrassRoots Turf have stayed dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients with exceptional weed control and lawn care services.

Their lawn care technicians will treat your lawn with the best fertilizers and weed control products to improve your property’s appearance and overall aesthetics. The best part is, their weed control program offers a Weed Free® guarantee to every home serviced.


Why Hire A Professional Weed Control Service?

Protect Your Grass

When weeds grow and spread in your lawn, they compete for nutrients and water with the grass in your property. Without adequate air, water and nutrients, your grass can become vulnerable to disease, and your lawn can become a breeding ground for grass-damaging pests. A professional lawn care team can prevent this by providing quality weed control service that keeps your grass healthy and beautiful year-round.


Boost Organic Matter

Organic matter in the soil is essential for healthy shrubs and plants. With more weeds spreading around your lawn, your grass may suffer from insufficient nutrients due to a reduction in organic matter. An experienced weed control professional can carry out soil tests to know if you need to raise the level of organic matter in your soil to stimulate more growth.


Effective Weed Control Sprays

If you want to get rid of unwanted plants and maintain healthy soil, it needs to maintain a certain pH level. Some DIY weed control sprays will prevent weed growth but end up destroying your plant life.

Professional weed control experts have the experience and knowledge to select the proper weed control sprays that will not have any counterproductive effect on your lawn. With the right spray, you can obliterate weeds while protecting those delicate shrubs and flowers in your landscape.


Pre-Emergent Control of Weeds

Once weeds have sprouted and matured, they can become a real threat to the survival of your turfgrass. This is why you shouldn’t wait for them to make an appearance before taking action. A pre-emergent treatment provided by a professional will stop weeds before developing in your landscape.


Proper Grass Cutting Methods

Once weeds are spotted, the first thing many homeowners think of is mowing. However, mowing is more than pushing a lawnmower across the lawn.

Since there are a variety of grasses, each species has a specific cutting length for healthy growth. If you cut the grass at the wrong height, it can harm its growth pattern. GrassRoots Turf can offer advice on when to cut your grass and the proper height for the time of year.


Weed Control Services for Your Commercial Property

GrassRoots Turf is a reputable lawn maintenance service that cares about the appearance of residential and commercial spaces in Georgia. They control damaging and unsightly weeds throughout your yard, using the most effective and reliable equipment and products on the market.


They provide a Weed Free® guarantee to every home they serve with unlimited service calls. If you are ready to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit their official website or call them at 833-66-GRASS.