Choosing the Right Lawn Care and Weed Control Services for Spring

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Weeds are an eyesore for any homeowner. A single patch of weed can compromise the appearance of your beautiful and attractive lawn, and more weeds are more likely to follow.

As these unwanted plants spread across your lawn, they compete with your grass for sunlight and nutrients, thereby limiting their ability to flourish. But you don’t have to let weeds ruin your otherwise valuable and aesthetically appealing lawn.

With quality weed control and weed re-emergent programs from GrassRoots Turf, you will be able to get rid of the most common and most stubborn weeds in your yard.

The lawn care specialists at GrassRoots Turf are experts in weeds native to your area and will provide the most effective weed removal treatments that will help you keep a healthy and attractive lawn year-round.


Unlimited Weed Free® Guarantee

As part of their commitment to quality lawn care services, GrassRoots Turf is happy to offer Weed-Free guarantee.

If you are having trouble trying to kill stubborn weeds in your yard, their experts will come to your property and provide appropriate lawn treatment.

Since every lawn is different and each client is unique, they will inspect your lawn and determine the best approach for your specific grass type.

GrassRoots Turf has a reputation for using the best quality products on the market and proven methods known to the industry to get rid of weeds in your yard.


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Weeds are always growing and they can disfigure your lawn and landscape. Even a patch of crabgrass left untreated can become a blight on your otherwise attractive and spotless yard.

Unfortunately, just a single patch of weed is all that is needed for encouraging weed to spread across your lawn.

Although DIY weed control is an option, it does not guarantee the best result. Besides, undertaking weed control yourself requires a lot of commitment that will require a steep learning curve and products, such as expensive weed sprays.

That said, it is best to hire a professional. When you choose GrassRoots Turf for your lawn weed control, you get an efficient and reliable application of the right product for your lawn and grass’s needs, year-round.


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