GrassRoots Turf Announces New Lawn Care Services for Columbus Ga and Auburn Al

GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Opens New Service Location in Columbus GA and Auburn AL

GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care is pleased to announce that it has expanded its services by opening a new office in the Columbus, GA, area and serving Auburn, AL.

With this grand opening, the company will now be able to offer its high-in-demand lawn care and maintenance services to a broader range of clients, including businesses and individuals in Southwest Georgia and Alabama.

GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care is a premier family-owned lawn care service provider.

They offer Weed control, Mosquito control, Liquid aeration, Tree and Shrub Care. These services are being carried out by their highly trained and experienced team that is ever ready to offer top-notch services to clients.

 “As a family-owned and operated business, we offer a wide range of services, all at pocket-friendly prices. Now that we are in Columbus, GA. We look forward to serving both individuals and businesses.” said Seth Johnson, part-owner of the company. "We will offer lawn care services in the Columbus area and Auburn, Alabama, from this new office."


For the people that find it challenging to keep their lawns well maintained, GrassRoots Turf has a WeedFree Guarantee and Unlimited Service calls.  Beyond this, the company is a one-stop-shop for all lawn care treatment services. Customers in Columbus and Auburn that have any needs concerning lawn care will experience exceptional customer service.

Georgia and Alabama residents will like the company's friendly and highly trained personnel. These individuals are well trained to provide the best lawn care services in a very short turnaround time.

Contact GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care at (833) 664-7277 for your personalized Lawn Treatment Plan and Weed Control Service. They have promised that customers and businesses in Columbus, Ga, and Auburn, Al will receive faster and more cost-effective services with the same professionalism and meticulousness that has been driving their operations.


About GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care

GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care is a family-owned and operated company that offers expert lawn care services, fertilization, weed control service, & core aeration. The company is staffed with highly-trained and knowledgeable individuals who genuinely care about customer satisfaction. The company is always on the lookout for new technology and best practices in the lawn care industry and hosts ongoing training to ensure its technicians can deliver a level of customer service experience and results that exceed expectations.


Lawn care and Weed Control Services by GrassRoots Turf

GrassRoots Turf of Auburn Offers Pre-emergent Lawn Treatments to Prepare your Lawn for Spring Growth

GrassRoots Turf offers quality pre-emergent lawn treatment services to homeowners in Auburn, AL, and the surrounding areas.

Many homeowners desire to have perfectly manicured, lush, and healthy grass. A beautiful lawn doesn’t only add to the aesthetic quality of your home; it enhances your home’s curb appeal and raises its value if you plan on selling it. However, weed growth can be a significant blow to your fantasy of keeping an attractive lawn.

As part of weed control efforts, homeowners in Auburn, AL, turn to lawn treatment services that apply various solutions to take weed out of the way while promoting healthy grass growth. Among the services performed, pre-emergent treatment is the most effective.

Pre-Emergent Lawn Treatments

Pre-emergent treatment is a weed control service that kills weeds before their emergence. When done right and early, especially in late fall, pre-emergent treatment can help control spring weeds. The treatment stops weed seeds before they germinate.

Crabgrass, for instance, starts to develop roots at around 50 degrees, which can be anytime in January or early February in Alabama. Chances are you won’t be concerned with yard work then. Therefore, it’s best to do it to protect your spring grass.

If you need a professional lawn care company for weed control service, look no further than GrassRoots Turf of Auburn.

For almost 20 years, their lawn service technicians have served hundreds of homeowners in Auburn and the surrounding areas covering Opelika, Phoenix City, Smiths Station, Valley, and Waverly.

They’re well trained, equipped, and passionate about lawn treatment and work very hard to ensure your lawn receives the best care for healthy growth year-round.


How Pre-Emergent Work

Pre-emergent treatment application contains herbicides that create a barrier of vapor that destroys weed seeds before they germinate. Pre-emergent solutions used in residential mixtures typically come in granular form and are combined with fertilizer. Your lawn care technician may also carry out aeration to maximize the benefits.

The timing of applying pre-emergent treatment is very critical to its effectiveness. Strategic timing is required to control weeds in your lawn before their emergence. Late fall or early winter is perfectly fine for the procedure.

Need help to apply pre-emergent weed control treatment? Talk with the experts at GrassRoots Turf in Auburn, AL. Call them at (833) 664-7277 or visit their website for a free quote on pre-emergent lawn treatment and other weed control services for your lawn. With Grassroots Turf handling your lawn care needs, you’ve got nothing to worry about.