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Video Recorded Treatments


The ONLY weed control company utilizing body cams to record every lawn treatment in the Jackson area. From start to finish, your lawn care will be captured for your peace of mind.

Every lawn treatment and weed control service is recorded. Our technicians wear body cams to ensure your lawn is treated effectively and with the best lawn care service ever.

This isn't really new because they have always taken extra care of your lawn. They close your gate after a service is performed and remove any pet toys or random objects before treating your lawn. They even take the time to ring your doorbell to discuss our service with you.

Why Choose GrassRoots Weed Control Service?

if you've got 2 min. watch the video 🙂

We are family-owned and place an emphasis on building client relationships and creating a personalized approach to your property and lawn care.  

To make things convenient, we provide you with a monthly plan to address your lawn care needs. While other companies charge extra for extra services, GrassRoots Turf Care covers all of the bases for your lawn under one comprehensive lawn treatment program that stays at the same price.

Lawn Care Customers Five Star Testimonials
Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
Five Star Service

Your reports on what you did to our yard are very detailed. Your suggestions are also very helpful. This is the first time our lawn is virtually weed free!!
Many thanks for all you do for our lawn. We highly recommend your company!

Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
Ron Cullen
Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
5star review

My yard is weed free and looks like carpet, and has since I started using them 4+ years ago. All the techs I've encountered are professional and pay attention to details in my yard. You folks are 5 star!!!!!

Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
George Rea
Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
Review for GrassRoots

My lawn is the best it has looked in years. Their service is the best! I would recommend them to anyone. I have used 2-3 other services and there is no comparison to Grassroots.

Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
Jerry Shepard
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
5star review

We have used Grassroots Tree & Turf service since purchasing our property over 9 years ago. We have always had great service and if we need any follow-up they have come back out. Our favorite tech is Glenyn!

Five star rating for Lawn Treatment
Christie Najarro
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality,
Quality, Responsiveness, Value

and if that's not enough...

Our lawn care technicians and employees are rewarded for how long you are a customer. We strive to provide excellent lawn care and weed control services. If you are not happy at any time with your lawn treatment service, give us a call and let us make it right.

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