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GrassRoots Turf Care covers all of the bases for your lawn care under one comprehensive lawn treatment program.

Weed Control for Grass
Pest control for Lawns
Weed Treatments
Grub Treatment for Lawns

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"Our Lawn Treatment Service Technicians are Awesome Weed Killers!

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Starting as low as $25 a month

GrassRoots will treat your lawn with the best fertilizers and weed control products. Get a Quote Today!

Lawn Care Customers Five Star Testimonials
Five star rating for Lawn Treatment

"GrassRoots is always willing to rectify any concerns we may have with our lawn. They have always done a superb job."
~Gary S.

5star review

"Been using GrassRoots' Turf Care for a year+ & lawn has never looked better. Started mosquito treatments, Wow, immediate difference! Got my yard back & enjoying summer outdoors this year!"
~Donna K.

Five Star Service

"I am glad I switched to GrassRoots! They identify issues & correct them as they are treating my yard. They have the most comprehensive treatment plan than the rest of the guys in the business!
~Joe E.

Review for GrassRoots

"This is my second year with your company, and I am very satisfied with the results. Kevin is very professional & engaging. My front and side yards are now in excellent condition thanks to your company."
~John B.

So now your Lawn is Weed Free® but there's more...

GrassRoots offers these additional services

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Lawn Treatment and Fertilizer
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Lawn Treatment Service
Weed Control Service
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The GrassRoots Lawn Care Service 


We’ve been passionate about lawn treatments since 2002 and work hard every day to earn the designation, The Best Serv!ce Company Ever! You’ll find our passion for lawn care is surpassed only by our passion for our uncompromised customer service.

We close your gate after a service is performed. We remove your child's or pet's toys before treating your lawn. We take the time to ring your doorbell to discuss our service with you.

While other companies only offer basic weed control services and charge extra for problems in your grass, we include everything you need to keep your lawn healthy at a low-cost monthly service fee.

Our lawn fertilization and weed control program offers our Weed Free® guarantee to every home we service. As our customer, if at any time you see a weed or pest problem and need lawn treatment services give us a call and we will take care of it. Its included.

With our unlimited service call policy, your satisfaction is truly guaranteed. The experts at GrassRoots are here to provide you with exceptional weed control service and lawn care results.
No questions asked, no additional charges for weed control or pest control in your yard. Ever!